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luggage packed for travelWhen we travel we find simplicity is the key to enjoying our adventures and opening up our minds to new experiences. All we really need is outlined in this photo.

Packing light is important. For our upcoming trip to Portugal and Spain, we are taking one carry-on a piece, and checking a small duffel bag. The duffel bag has some snacks for Julie’s dietary requirements and basically convenience stuff we can do without. We could probably find those snacks in Europe, but don’t want to hassle with searching for them.

We put any souvenirs in the duffel and check it on the return flight. We really don’t like to shop when we travel; the souvenirs are for family and friends.

I’m taking Julie’s digital SLR camera. I just want to try to get some better quality photos than we usually take with our point-and-shoot digital cameras. I’ve been on the fence about this for a week: the camera is big and could get in the way of our travel experience. Yet I love photography and the richness that her camera provides. Julie wants to keep it simple and would leave the camera home if it was up to her. I can’t blame her. We’ll see if it was worth taking.


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  1. Frank&Mariska

    Hello Scot and julie,

    Did find your websiste.
    Let’s stay in touch.

    Frank&Mariska from today rainy Tavira

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